Cold store


We have professional
refrigerated warehouses

We keep our products fresh.

A Cold Store Niechcie is a new facility, offering three chambers with a capacity of more than 6500 pallet places. The storage managed through the warehouse management system (WHS) enables for the constant control of the data concerning the freight stored there and the precise localization of the storage area. The Cold Store has at its disposal a modern freezing compartment with a production capacity of 20 tons per day.

The high bay warehouse with a storage temperature range of -18.1°C to 26°C. The constant supervision of the veterinary inspectorate. The HACCP quality system. A suitable placement of the cold store, nearby the European route E75 (Warsaw- Katowice).

The Cold Storage Warehouse is located in Niechcice, 25 km from Piotrków Trybunalski, 25 km from Radomsko, 10 km from E75 route Warsaw- Katowice.

We provide services of:

  • tenancy of refrigerated areas
  • storage of deep-frozen wares
  • freezing and extra freezing
  • stockpiling in high-storage warehouse

The facility is adjusted to storage commodities of plant and animal origin in the temperature below -25°C. The high quality of the freezing process is provided thanks to owned blast freezers.

Preservation of frozen raw materials and products takes place in few storage units.

Clients and co-operants are asked to contact: Tel.No. + 48 601 075 511
Tel.No./ fax + 48 044 615 02 54